Bio-science Law Review
Information Technology Law Reports
The Journal of International Maritime Law
Environmental Liability - Law, Policy and Practice
Contemporary Issues In Law
Environmental Law and Management
Utilities Law Review
The Journal of Water Law
Nuisance Law and Environmental Protection
A study of nuisance injunctions in practice
Patenting rDNA
Death of Patents
A New Convention for the
Carriage of Goods by Sea -
The Rotterdam Rules
Shipping, Law and the Marine Environment in the 21st Century
Current Issues in Freight Forwarding: Law and Logistics


Lawtext is based in the publishing centre of Oxfordshire and has a growing list of niche journals, law reports and books. These provide a range of information services for lawyers, researchers and advisors practicing in the following areas

life sciences
plant sciences
intellectual property
information technology
the regulation of network industries and the utilities sector
competition law
market regulation
socio-legal studies

Our peer-reviewed journals provide a mix of opinion, analysis and commentary with updates of recent cases and regulatory developments. Each title reviews and analyses legal developments within its sector with particular emphasis on forthcoming changes at both national, EU and international levels.

Focus is placed on the complex interplay between commercial realities and the current legal regimes, enabling advisors/readers to be aware of new potential liabilities and risks and the influence of court decisions from across the world.

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Lawtext has an expanding book list and we welcomes ideas for future publications as well as suggestions for our existing titles.

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